White Label Cloud Services

White Label Cloud Services

Data Outsource’s white-label cloud services offer an ideal solution for IT resellers, data centre providers, and managed services providers.

We offer white-label cloud services for you to generate recurring business revenue. Our cloud services are specially designed for IT resellers, data centre providers, and managed services providers who want to provide the perks of cloud services to their customers without having to invest in creating their cloud infrastructure.

Being a Data Outsource partner, you’ll have the chance to offer a comprehensive line of cloud services—software licensing, business succession, and cloud infrastructure—to expand your business.

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White Label Cloud Infrastructure

Deploying a scalable cloud-based business solution is necessary for today’s growing business. As business needs can be changed regularly according to the situation, it is essential for your cloud-based infrastructure to shift accordingly with the changes in your clients’ requirements.

With the facility to connect and eliminate multiple computing resources on an open-ended basis, our white-label cloud services offer the flexibility to provide your clients with customized solutions.

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Cloud Storage Solutions for IT Reseller

Data Outsource offers a smart cloud-based storage solution for professional IT resellers who want to manage their client relationship from billing to support.

Our services offer the necessary tools that help you strengthen your business, open more opportunities, and protect your brand.

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Benefits of our White Label Cloud Services

1. You can build a professional cloud-based IT solution to your clients without investing in development and hardware.

2. Your clients can access the cloud interface by using your URL, logo, and prices.

3. Raise the level of your performance in the most flexible way by utilizing the unique cloud interface for partners.

4. The risk-free investment return and advanced services provide you with an immediate extension of the portfolio.

5. Integrated credit and billing systems help promote the value-added services and sale of clouds.

Partner with DataOutsource and resell white-label cloud services including infrastructure to expand your managed services business.

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