Security & Protection

It is common knowledge that data is under constant threat of being stolen or encrypted for a fee to unencrypt. Data Outsource Cloud services are protected with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, using the best breed of data centre-based technology to protect data or corporate IP. Our professional services team also offers consultancy on how to protect your endpoints, so that there is no device at risk of being exposed to criminal activity. Data Outsource can offer data protection processes that map all data movement to protect from any wrongdoing occurring within your business, and email protection to easily search, protect and counteract any user by simply deleting their mailboxes.

Gain peace of mind knowing your data is protected with our integrated Security As A Service (SECaaS) solution that includes IT security software and hardware and is strategically installed at certain points within your infrastructure.

  • Zero-day Ransomware detection and protection
  • IDS, Network Defense, URL Filtering, Firewall
  • Palo Alto, Bitdefender and Acronis Security
  • Email Anti-Spam backed by AI – SpamExperts
  • Leading NGFW services – Palo Alto, Cisco
  • 2FA and Dark Web Monitoring – Duo and Myki
  • Document Notarization using Blockchain – Acronis Notary
  • MDR – Bitdefender
  • Pentesting, Security Assessment Service and Incident Response Service – Acronis Security