Trusted advice can be hard to find these days, but that’s what we’re here to offer. At Data Outsource, we like to think of ourselves as the glue that holds together vendors, service providers, and clients. When designing a solution, we take into account all parties and focus on what outcomes your business wants to reach.

Data Outsource’s consultancy services go beyond the glossy brochures. Whether you need assistance with disaster planning, cloud services, or simply want to improve your business continuity plan, our team will collaborate with you to personalise a solution that works for your unique environment. With much of cross-platform integration and automation being overlooked or misunderstood, Data Outsource engages with all service providers, digging into the granular details to deliver premium solutions and take the hassle out of your next IT project. Some of the Services you can engage with our team with are:

  • DR design, deployment, testing and management
  • Network, Endpoint, Cloud-based and mobile security Strategies
  • Office 365, Deployment, Migration and Management
  • Firewall consultation, deployment and management whether it’s cloud-based or physical
  • Endpoint refreshment strategies, purchasing, configuration and migration.