About Us

Data Outsource's 'to market strategy' is to provide the industry's best cloud-based services to IT Resellers and partners. Data Outsource has evolved from an MSP background and so we understand how important it is to not only provide world-class infrastructure but unmatched customer service -  'It takes three months to win a client but 20 seconds to lose one'.

Our model provides our partners' options to fully support their own environment hosted on datacloud365 or choose to have Data Outsource manage your environments and even provide your clients with a white-labeled helpdesk. This allows our partners to work on winning new business without worrying about the backend support, either way, we will support your choices.

We believe our cloud service platform together with our experienced consultancy services and exceptional support will help our partners' win and retain new clients.

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Our services

DataOutsource's datacloud365 enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform is a one-stop-shop for cloud success. From development, testing and staging sites through to scaled production environments, datacloud365 provides flexible hosting, storage and more on a resilient platform that your business can count on. Built on the reliable Microsoft stack, our VPS units enable you to deploy servers/services for end users in a matter of minutes. We are also a Microsoft CSP provider and can provide white labelled consultancy services...

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Some of our Security as a Service offerings include:

EDR and AV from leading Security vendors

Zero-day Ransomware detection and protection

IDS, Network Defense, URL Filtering, Firewall

Email Anti-Spam backed by AI

Leading NGFW serv...

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DataOutsource provides a self-managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering in partnership with a leading backup vendor. Learn how you can backup workloads like Linux, Windows, Mac, Vmware ESXi, Hyper-V, XenServer, Office 365, and more without worrying about licenses every time you onboard a new customer.

We also offer a DRaaS product which allows you to have a secondary DataCenter without any upfront costs. This service can be used to replicate workloads from DataOutsource's data center to an offsite location or to replicate your custo...

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We are a Microsoft Office365 CSP and have executed several migration and management projects. You can leverage DataOutsource's expertise to offer white-labeled migration and management services for Office365.

DataOutsource also offers its own Hosted Exchange Services backed by a Microsoft Authorised Control panel on highly redundant infrastructure. The offering is completely based on SSDs, all the data is stored in Australia and includes one month of free backup retention. We can also offer our Microsoft Exchange expertise if you want...

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Looking for a flexible, cost-effective, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure service for helping your customers run their business efficiently? Trust Data Outsource.

We have dedicated teams adept at Microsoft Azure. These professionals can assist you in cloud migration and maintenance efficiently. We understand that each business is different and so, we try to incorporate best tools, resources, and processes that can suit every kind of business.

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Data Outsource’s white-label cloud services offer an ideal solution for IT resellers, data centre providers, and managed services providers.

We offer white-label cloud services for you to generate recurring business revenue. Our cloud services are specially designed for IT resellers, data centre providers, and managed services providers who want to provide the perks of cloud services to their customers without having to invest in creating their cloud infrastructure.

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Why Choose Us

SLA Backed Services

DataOutsource provides SLA backed services that can help ease your mind in case of unexpected downtime. We also provide DRaaS services that can further enhance these SLA numbers and even help in a multi-cloud strategy by replicating workloads to an independent offsite datacenter.

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Data Sovereignty

All DataOutsource's data is stored on wholly-owned DataOutsource equipment hosted in Tier IV, ISO 27001 Australian Data Centers powered by iSeek. This will help you meet compliance in case of any data locale requirements.



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World Class Infrastructure

All of DataOutsource's workloads are hosted on Enterprise high-density servers backed by class-leading networking equipment and NGFW from some of the top vendors in the industry. The equipment is wholly owned and maintained by dedicated DataOutsource staff based in Australia.

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Reseller Friendly

DataOutsource is proud to be a Reseller first company. We only sell our services to IT Resellers, MSPs and Service Providers. This ensures that we are not competing with you but instead enabling you to provide world class services at a reasonable rate.

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Cost Effective

As we are Reseller focused, our prices are considerably cheaper than our competitors like Azure and AWS. Contact us to see how we can provide substantial savings of up to 50%.

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24/7 Support

DataOutsource's services are backed by 24/7 support based in Australia. This means talking to a technician who can understand your concern and can respond in a timely manner.

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