Hosted SharePoint Foundation 2013

Receive the power of communication, collaboration and information through SharePoint Foundation 2013. SharePoint allows you to create sites to share your documents and information with your colleagues, vendors and customers.


  • Integration with MS Office
  • Active Directory Group Policy security for files folders and pages
  • Create Wikis blogs and libraries for documents and control distribution
  • Create team pages where projects can be collaborated
  • Customise to suit your business requirements
  • Map the libraries as drives on your PC
  • Affordable intranet and document management
  • Local customer support and development
  • Connect using “One Drive”
  • Customise your site with SharePoint Designer

Create your trial account to see how SharePoint works and feels.

Data Outsource and its Resellers can provide you with consultants that can assist in structuring your intranet and document management. They can also assist with document security management and provide any customisations that you require.

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