POS Software Vendor

A retailer and their Point of Sale software vendor were concerned about their POS system not working during busy periods.


Using the DataCloud Webdesktop and Webdesktop controller (thin client) provided a complete fix for this issue and provided the vendor with a low cost Cloud strategy that doesn’t require rewriting their applications.

A number of retail POS vendors provide their retail customers with a Webdesktop running the POS application. The Webdesktop terminal allows the user to boot up in Kiosk mode and straight into the POS application. This works for numerous cash registers and terminals, as well as links many locations to the same POS database. This gives franchisees and franchisors the ability to do Business Intelligence analysis of sales data. The Webdesktop terminal links to cash drawers, EFTPOS terminals, barcode scanners, and docket printers. There is no windows operating system on the Webdesktop terminal, making them low cost to replace and run no risk of virus or device theft.

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