General Overview

DataCloud365 For Resellers

If you are a business end-user searching for a reseller partner in your area, please enquire here and we will find an appropriate partner that can provide you with the level of support and interaction you require.

DataCloud365 is a channel based Cloud platform available to the Australian IT services community to enable them to compete with the major Cloud vendors and provide their clients with a best of performance and resilience. 

With the increased adoption of Cloud services and platforms in Australia, we know that despite what some vendors may say, Australian Business Owners and organisations in general still want and need the support from the IT Support Partner they have been working with for years.

The value of using one of our Reseller partners or sourcing DataCloud365 through your own IT Services Partner is:

  1. They can ensure that your Cloud service is configured optimally for your business requirements.
  2. They can assist you with the daily operations and changes to your environment.
  3. They can recommend additional services that you might need for security, availability and reporting.
  4. They build on the knowledge of your on premises network as well as your Cloud infrastructure to ensure they work together for you.
  5. Resellers can purchase DataCloud365 services and resources at wholesale price and provide them to your business as part of a managed service.
  6. Our orchestration and management tools require technical skills including Networking, Microsoft management, Virtual Server provisioning and security management.
  7. You can call someone local that knows your business when you are having an issue, and they will respond to you quickly and effectively.

If you are a genuine Reseller and would like to trial our Cloud services, create your login here.

Once your credentials are verified you will have access to wholesale pricing and can create trials for your customers or for internal use. 

Our orchestration portal allows you to create accounts for each of your clients with a full billing portal for automated billing and account management.

Trial DataCloud365

With DataCloud365, it costs nothing to run limited trials, whether you are trialling a service for one of your customers or testing our services platform for reliability and performance. By creating your Reseller login you will have access to our suite of services, our orchestration platform, our billing system and wholesale prices.

Once verified and configured, you can brand and personalise all the aspects within your Reseller portal including customer login pages and invoice and notification templates. You can also have your customers access your portal through your domain.

The benefits of becoming a DataCloud365 Reseller are almost endless. You can:

  • Manage your client’s Cloud platform through a single interface – SaaS, IaaS, orchestration, billing, and support
  • Provide a Cloud strategy for your business to compete in a dynamic and growing market place
  • White label the platform to suit your marketing and brand recognition
  • Add your own services and products to the webshop marketplace
  • Integrate a billing system so you get paid on time for the services you provide
  • Create a webshop login for your customers so they can purchase products and services
  • Become a services partner and assist new clients with their migrations to the Cloud and gain additional managed services clients
  • Get leads from end-user enquiries
  • Offer your clients a best of breed Cloud desktop environment
  • Compete with large vendors in bid situations
  • Stop churn of your managed services clients to low cost Cloud hosting
  • Continue to manage your client’s networks in a dynamic competitive platform
  • Charge no setup for your own Cloud platform hosted in Australian data centres
  • Increase your services margins and increase your level of service to your clients

Get Started

Once you’ve created your Reseller login account, you can create service accounts for engineers and accounts management.

DataCloud Visor is our orchestration and management platform, designed for Resellers and Managed Services providers to manage their client environments all in one pane. DataCloud Visor also provides end-users with a login where they can subscribe or unsubscribe to services and increase the capacity where required. 

DataCloud Visor builds seamless SaaS and IaaS environments for an organisation as well as reports license usage, capacity and utilisation.

DataCloud365 Resellers

DataCloud365 Support

For our Resellers, support is complex that we would like to simplify for you. 

Whether you become a Reseller partner or a services solutions partner, you automatically become part of a network of IT business in Australia.  Essentially, this is a services market place where you can buy or sell from.

How it works:

When a business moves to a Cloud platform, they require:

  1. No migration support or managed services
  2. Some support for the tricky bits
  3. Migration support and services with managed service support
  4. Full outsource of expertise and tasks

IT providers also fall into these same categories, as there are limited IT suppliers that have all IT skills in-house and therefore need to outsource to a contractor, or quickly train staff and attend to matters with little expertise.

You now have a third option.

Each of the SaaS and IaaS products offered within the DataCloud365 portal also has a “Migration” and “Ongoing support” service, selectable within the subscription panel.  If your client requires and chooses professional or managed services for their subscription, you have the option to:

  1. Provide this work from within your organisation or
  2. Outsource this out to one of the network of verified providers and earn a fee for doing so.

The service build options include:

  • Project Management
  • Network evaluation and scope compatibility
  • Network configuration
  • Mail migration
  • File migration
  • Data migration
  • CRM migration
  • Server application migration
  • Webdesktop configuration and application integration
  • SharePoint migration

The service management options include:

  • Managed mail services
  • Managed SharePoint
  • Managed network
  • Managed firewall
  • Managed backup
  • Managed VPS platform
  • Managed SQL
  • Managed Microsoft Servers
  • Network monitoring
  • Issue escalation
  • Managed helpdesk

The Professional Services options include:

  • Dynamics development
  • SQL development
  • Web development
  • SEO optimisation
  • SCOM development
  • Web marketing and social network development