Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server


Our Virtual Private Networks and servers are scalable and flexible for all your application and computer requirements.

Our servers exclusively utilise SSD (Solid State Drive), offering 130,000 write IOPS to disk.  Hosted in our data centres here in Australia and managed by your services team or your Managed Services supplier.

DataCloud VPS provides you with: 

  • A low cost VPS modules that you build up to size your server requirements
  • A scalable server and network, that is simple to procure, build and manage through Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
  • A super-fast platform utilising SSD with no over provisioning
  • Highly available clustered services
  • Elastic scalability
  • 99.9% or 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Backup and antivirus (already installed)
  • Standard OS templates available
  • Free library for you to store your server images
  • Active Directory integration with Software as a Service platform (SAAS)
  • Guaranteed resource allocation with no over-subscribing

How We Host Your Cloud is Important!

  • Custom built high density VPS nodes(Servers) with enterprise grade RAM, Solid State Drives and Networking
  • Clustered server farms for high availability with visible replicas of your servers
  • Clustered VPS nodes with full Solid state drive
  • Integrated virtual networks for client segregation
  • All production storage is Solid State and provides 140,000 IOPS
  • Automated backup of all data
  • Systems monitoring and reporting for each client cloud
  • Geographically dispersed servers for automated failover between data centres
  • NextDC tier 3 Data centre with service guarantees
  • 100GB dedicated link between data centres
  • Redundant networking and gateway devices to ensure no single point of failure
  • Dark fibre links to other data centres to seamlessly move your data during migrations
  • Available private network links to your primary office locations if required
  • Self-Management portal for deploying and orchestrating clouds, networks and servers
  • AD integration between your office locations and the cloud VPS network

Get Started

DataCloud VPS servers are built up in modules, with each module including the following capacity:

  • 1GB RAM
  • CPU core
  • 20GB SSD
  • 1 x Public IP address
  • Options for Operating system, backup, antivirus, Microsoft licensing

You can manage the size of the server(s) you need by adding modules as your require.  Increase or decrease your capacity, as you need. Storage application licenses and additional IP addresses can be added as required to a module build, network build, or resource pool. 

The table below provides Recommended Retail Pricing (RRP).  If you require assistance from one of our Resellers please indicate on sign up, or we can provide a login for your current managed services partner to enable this solution for you.

Begin creating your DataCloud VPS and network, by logging in through our webshop.

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VPS Support

Migrating your server infrastructure to the Cloud requires careful planning and consideration. Our consultancy team can work with your IT team or Support Partner to create a process and plan for moving applications and services in a staged and seamless project.

Our support services include:

  • Planning consultation
  • Project planning and scoping
  • Project management
  • Process planning and orchestration
  • Risk management plans
  • Network design
  • Orchestration and provisioning
  • Application migration and provisioning
  • Full managed services for support
  • Service Delivery for Data Migration

Data Outsource assists clients and resellers in Cloud migration projects.  We have dark fibre connections to all commercial data centres and Cloud Vendors in Australia including AWS and Azure.  This allows us to replicate all your data quickly without service interruptions, very quickly.  We know that every day you are using these other services, it is costing you money, especially if you are paying your subscriptions in US dollars.

For more information and access to our planning guides and consultancy, contact us to speak to a member of our technical team in Brisbane or Sydney.

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