Non Profit

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In the non-profit sector there are continuing concerns about donations and fundraising efforts and the need to provide users with computers and software. Most non-profit organisations are looking for a low cost solution to provide computers to end-users, without the risk associated with BYO device policies. 

This particular non-profit organisation’s other goals included reducing the loss of intellectual property and information, and reducing the risk of privacy breaches.


This client found that they could utilise their special Microsoft licensing in the Cloud by providing a Webdesktop and a Webdesktop client to all staff members that were not provided with a laptop by the organisation. This reduced their IT costs per user by 60%.  The flow on effect was felt across the organisation as casual and part time staff were provided with webmail accounts and received internal communications. Users then did not require a computer but were able to hotdesk onto a webdesktop off their own and therefore increase productivity and lower costs. Staff turnover was reduced as the frustration staff were experiencing from a technology disconnect was removed.

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