Example Customer: Higher Education

This training organisation was aiming to lower their cost per seat in order to provide lower cost courses and maintain their student enrolments in an increasingly competitive private college market.

The college was at that time offering IT training courses, but the computer labs and classrooms were operating with legacy and aged desktop hardware.  The costs associated with this were high and consisted of desktop maintenance, Antivirus, MS Windows and Office licensing, high power usage, and an impending hardware refresh for each desktop computer.


Provide each user with a Webdesktop terminal to access a Webdesktop. The cost savings included an 80% power saving, a 50% saving in desktop hardware, no requirement for endpoint security applications, and utilising their existing Microsoft Education Licensing through Software Assurance.

The user’s experience was enhanced by running desktop services on the Webdesktop platform with Solid State Drive and providing a faster and more robust experience with no endpoint maintenance costs.

Third party software costs were reduced, as were updates and installation as the educators could deploy an image to the enrolled users that had the software for their course installed instead of having to install software on each lab PC. Once the course had ended, the course convenor would simply close the course and remove the user’s desktop images from the server.

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