DataCloud Business Sphere

Datacloud Business Sphere

Bringing together your entire business in the Cloud to gain functionality stability and security.   DataCloud now supports thousands of Australian users with Enterprise Desktop.  Users include real estate, finance and accounting, retail, non-profit and manufacturing services.

The true value is a low cost cloud business platform that performs better than any other.  You can bring your own applications and software and we will host them and provide the uptime and resiliency that you require.

Our DataCloud Business Sphere is a step above and beyond other Cloud solutions that offer no integration function for your pre-existing applications. The DataCloud Business Sphere brings together all the components your business requires including:

  • Webdesktop with full MS Office and your own applications – DataCloud365 Webdesktop
  • Dual Screen thin client devices to harden security and lower desktop costs – DataCloud Web terminal controller
  • Virtual Private Servers to host your applications with resources to match – DataCloudVPS
  • Management console to manage the orchestration and utilisation of your network – DataCloud Visor
  • Communications and collaboration of Mail, intranet and CRM – DataCloud365

DataCloud provides hundreds of businesses with This benefits the business through a single interface. Your business can also subscribe to:

  • A virtual desktop for each user, with a full version of MS Office and your own business applications
  • The ability to network to virtual servers with your heavier applications hosted
  • Manage your security through Active Directory and token authentication
  • Install third party connectors to access other applications in the Cloud
  • Run your business as if the servers were in your own office
  • Manage your network LAN and connectivity

For organisations that need more than just Office 365 and require it to be in the same network segment and LAN, we provide a self-administered or service provider administered orchestration panel. This brings together your billing as well as your security, applications, monitoring, management, and technological environment.

DataCloud Business Sphere is home to a number of enterprise and Government organisations. Internal IT staff or a Managed Services Provider supports these organisations. These include:

  • State and Federal Government bodies
  • Retail franchise
  • Small business franchise
  • Accounting and financial services organisations
  • Small business
  • Software vendors
  • Non profit groups
  • Educational campuses

To understand exactly how this solution works, please call our business consultants and we will create a trial login for you. From this trial, you can access and install your own applications, access email, SharePoint and Office applications. For pricing of these services, create your trial login and access the Webshop.

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