Our Industry is in the midst of a revolution. Technology is rapidly changing the way businesses are structured, the way services are delivered and the way we share data, intelligence and insights. Technology is changing what it means to be in business, and how we perform tasks and processes securely and we want you to be at the forefront armed with the best services. All organisations are implicated by this revolution. Those that grasp the opportunities that accompany it will outperform those that do not. Data Outsource exists to partner with IT Resellers either grappling with such challenges or have embraced the technology and need additional control and flexibility that other cloud vendors can not offer. We use no buzz words and never promise online tools that are not available in our country, but just deliver the best service delivery model and support that guarantees you will win business at the right price and confident with its performance

D365 Backup

Introducing a new cloud service from Data Outsource.

Hack Comprimises 68 Million Dropbox Accounts

Hack Comprimises 68 Million Dropbox Accounts

Microsoft Backflips with Australian Data to Stay in Singapore

This week you would have heard about the back flip from Microsoft Office 365 and the location of its hosted Australian Data, it is to remain in Singapore and not to be migrated to Australian Data Centers as promised. Microsoft announced that the reason for the back flip is because they do not believe there will be an improvement to the speed of the service by relocating it onshore. For those of you that this news concerns, Data Outsource can offer you a Exchange Service that is located on our shores and complies with Data Sovereignty regulation. From $8.00 per month we can offer you a 25 GB mailbox that is managed and supported within Australia.

How to tell if you are infected with malware

Don't lose to the cloud, use it to win and retain.

We have listened and made cloud easier for you

Data Outsource is and has spoken to various IT Resellers and Consultancies such as yours, we not only brief them of our Cloud Service Portfolio but we listen to the issues and road blocks experienced with other Cloud Vendors. Data Outsource has tweaked its service offering to match your needs and requirements; Free to access demo tools so you can look and feel the service, includes AD Server Virtual Machine Manager WIN 8 Virtual Desktop with Office Server 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Trails are issued to Resellers for them to test prior to 'go-live' Full migration consultancy and assistance available 15 days account on all services post official on-boarding Month to month so no lock ins Weekly telephone conferences with the team that will manage your infrastructure Don't be afraid to request adjustments or additional services to deliver your clients services more effectively All support staff and all data is in Australia on kit we own. Data Outsource is 100% wholesale-focused. The last thing you want is to compete with your provider, which is why we don't publish any pricing on our website, so give us a call today to receive a reseller pack that contains the following, Price List Service Level Agreement Marketing Material A standard quote so you can see how the pricing goes together (no hidden fees) Call us today, we are ready!

DataCloud turns the tide for Australian IT Integrators

DataCloud has introduced its new and unique model for cloud tenancy. DataCloud resellers are able to purchase an entire cloud node for hosting their client's production data and share the full feature set of the DataCloud network. This new model brings down the cost of a reseller's subscription to less than half of any of the large cloud vendors. The immediate assumption is that this is run on low cost or cheap infrastructure that won't compete. The reality is very different. DataCloud high density nodes are full solid state drive (SSD) and provide the fastest read and write speeds in the industry. DataCloud is a full cloud offering with self-managed orchestration for resellers, a billing gateway, AD and account management. In fact, any feature that you find with any cloud vendor, we are providing.

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